Squirted-on in my Dad’s Van

17 in the backseat of my dads VW van in a mall parking deck. My girlfriend and I had done everything except fuck. I’m a people pleaser so I got pretty good at foreplay and eating pussy.  I remember my gf wasn’t comfortable saying “i’m cumming”, so she would always say “oh, it’s building-up…”

So we’re in the back and end-up (pun) 69ing.  Honestly, she wasn’t too good at giving head (still isn’t) so it was mainly something to occupy her while I was working.  We are grooving along when she sort of moans out loud, almost like she was in pain.  She said it felt like a ton of pressure was in her stomach, but to “keep going”.  Ever the trooper, I humbly obeyed.  A few minutes pass and she says rather loudly “holy shit my stomach feels weird”.  As soon as she finished saying that, she squirted (gush is more like it) all over everything.  It was about 4-5 streams and she was done.  We both looked at each other like what in the holy fuck was that?!  She said it didn’t feel like it normally does (clitoral orgasm), but she liked it.

Everyone knows what a good squirt looks like, so I’ll spare the details.  The thing was, we were going back to her parents house to have dinner, and my shirt was fucking soaked.  So my gf gets dressed, goes back into the mall and buys me a new shirt.  It was hard not to laugh while talking with her parents knowing that my face and hair were covered with their daughters dried twat tea.  Her mom even said, “were you wearing that shirt earlier?”  We’ve been together for 26 years and have never come close to that happening again.

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